Read for Success - 6-DAY Workshop @5.30AM (O)

Read for Success @5.30AM - 6-DAY Morning MasterClass

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6 steps process to enhance your Reading habits !!!

✅ Step1 - Understand your currently reading and retention ability.

Identify the right non-fiction books for reading.

✅ Step 2 - Identity Reading Bad Habits/Mind Limitation.

✅ Step 3 - Remember concepts/key-points Quickly

✅ Step 4 - Learn speed reading strategy and save time

✅ Step 5 - Re-wire your brain for success - Understand the best Cognitive Fitness Strategy for Reading.

✅ Step 6 - Prepare Action Plan & Take consistent action

It's not just that. You'll also get Bonuses:

👉 Bonus 1- Exclusive workshop course eBook

👉 Bonus 2- Exclusive certificate of appreciation (Priceless)

👉 Bonus 3- Join our Private Facebook community for learning various brain enhancement strategies.

👩‍⚕️Who can attend this workshop

This workshop is designed for Professionals, Business Owners, Trainers, Coaches, and Homemakers.

I will see you inside.

Note: Please provide your WhatsApp phone no while registering. we'll be adding you to the WhatsApp group for further communication.


Dr. Manjunath MS

Leading Speed Reading & Mind Performance Coach

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